Shining Stars (Three Year Olds)

The children in these classes will have two teachers with no more than 12 children in each class. Within the daily schedule, the Shining Stars will have ample opportunity for independent work time, teacher led circle time, snack time, and outside time. Weekly, the children will attend Chapel for worship with the whole school, Music with their class, and PE/health with their class. Each child is given the opportunity to lead their class and bring their friends a  healthy snack on their snack leader day.

Their teachers are working with them on beginning reading skills and mathematical concepts as well as discovering the world around them. Our three year olds are fully potty trained and independent in the bathroom.

We strive to provide a warm, caring and learning enriched atmosphere for our children. Those who attend The Learning Center benefit from a well prepared staff who strive to promote a positive, pleasant learning environment for each child. The children learn to love God, themselves and others, as their purpose and importance in God’s world is enhanced.