Rainbows (Two Year Olds)

This classroom is the first curriculum based preschool classroom experience at TLC. The 12 children in this class are two years old before September 1. At home, two year olds are the center of the universe. In the Rainbow class, the children begin to realize that there are other entities in the universe with equal importance. It is in this class that the children begin to become citizens, recognizing their friends, sharing, taking turns and being and active participant in a group.

The two teachers in this classroom are loving and most patient with potty training and teaching independence. As in all our preschool classrooms we use the Montessori method of teaching. This method allows individual attention, and self-discovery. The Rainbows love to announce, “I can do that myself!”

We strive to provide a warm, caring and learning enriched atmosphere for our children. Those who attend The Learning Center benefit from a well prepared staff who strive to promote a positive, pleasant learning environment for each child. The children learn to love God, themselves and others, as their purpose and importance in God’s world is enhanced.